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Support for the Journey

 I am a certified life coach and consultant. I assist you in gaining insight to allow you to heal and/or empower yourself to live your best authentic life. I have a specialized focus on holistic modalities.  

Professionalism and Experience

I spent many years in behavioral health holding positions as a social worker, behavioral specialist, case manager, crisis intervention specialist, group home director, and director of a deinstitutionalized independent living respite service.

After some time away from the field, I am returning after gaining my certification in life coaching.

I use a results based methodology, that will help you gain awareness and insight and then create a step by step process to heal and exceed your goals to a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life.


Taking the Steps

 Sometimes your most driving forces aren't your greatest memories.  My commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding, and support.


I am a current client. I have benefited 100% from every session that I have had. I have been able to identify my concerns and what I have needed to do to work on them. Sublime Life has helped me find the most important parts of my life that I wanted to change and helped me establish goals to work on that change, And best of all I have been held accountable to those goals on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend Sublime Life to anybody who wants to make a change. ~ Christy

The activities that I was assigned helped me to find the balance between fear and faith. I feel more positive about me and my future. Life coaching has impacted my life in many ways.  I am trying to continue to improve my life every day. ~


Sublime Life Consulting has helped me in so many ways. I feel happier and less confused. I understand now why I wasn't feeling myself anymore.  I am slowly gaining my self esteem back and using what I have learned about boundaries everyday. I still have many changes to make, but I am so grateful that I found Sublime Life. ~ Beth

What will you write?

How will your life change for the better?

What insights will you have?

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